According to Hindu religious rituals many hindus performed Pind Daan or Shraddha at Gayaji. Hindus observe the ancestral ritual of Pind Daan or Shradh, which they believe would help their dead ancestors attain salvation and to ward off restless spirits affecting their family members. Though the Pinddan can be performed almost any time of the year, people prefer to do it during Pitripaksha, which is the period just before Navratri and generally falls in September. Shraddha is to the ritual performed by a Hindu to offer homage to one's deceased ancestors (Pitri). It is believed that after the performance of the ritual, the soul of the dead relative is appeased and it attains Moksha (salvation).

Three Important Rituals performed at the Pinddan place

There are two types of rituals (pinnddan, Gayashraddha) can be done at Gayaji.

Ekodristi Gaya Shraddha

Ekodristi Gaya Shraddha is completed in 1days only. In Ekodristi Gayaji Shraddha pilgrims have to cover only the three important vedis that is Falgu River (Niranjana, as mentioned in Ramayana), Vishnu pad temple and The Akshavata. And if the death is abnormal then pilgrims have to also perform Pinddan at PRETSHILA (hill), Gayaji kup and Dharma Anya. And some of the people who have not time and want to do Pinddan at Gayaji for the salvation of the soul of their ancestors and freed from the agonies of Hell and sent to Heaven, they are performing Ekodristi Gayaji Shraddha in lack of time.

Vrihada Gaya Shraddha

In Vrihada Gaya Shraddha Pilgrims have to cover 54vedis and the names of vedis are listed below where pilgrims have to perform Pind Daan. Tourist can perform Vrihada Gaya Shraddha or Pinddan in or 17days, 7daya, 5days, 3days at Gayaji.


Pilgrims have to cover 54 vedis,name of vedis are listed below , where pilgrims have to perform Pind Dan:

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